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Value Creation:
Overview of my scores

The four aspects are:

The corporate environment – do we have the right understanding and support to growth our most important customers?

The Key/Strategic Account Growth Planning process and the Growth Plan itself – this aspect echos the thinking set out by Richard Rumult in his book Good Strategy/Bad Strategy.

The creation of value with the customer – the key to success but also the most difficult  – the close cooperation with the customer to move beyond supplier value identification to mutual value creation.

The capabilities of the Account Manager – success is still strongly dependent upon the abilities and capabilities of the individual managers.

You can use all four aspects of the Scorecard or just select one aspect to assess your current situation and define a common outcome.

In each case you will find a set of core components, each divided into a series of objective statements which represent what we expect to find in the most effective companies.

This allows you to assess your current position with respect to the most successful companies, to identify development areas and to establish clarity about what you need to do next.

You can then design your skills and other development activity to address these measurable criteria for success and measure progress over the course of the programme.

The Scorecard is inevitably generic. It is likely that an individual company will require variations and, if helpful, we can work with you to create a bespoke version for your team.

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