Just as top athletes train regularly, high performing Account Managers use skills development and knowledge sharing as part of their regular routine.

The most effective skills development uses learning on the job and develops high level skills over a period of time.

For this reason, while we do offer the traditional classroom based training, we have found that a blended model of skills development has much greater impact and is far more cost and time efficient, requiring no travel or days out of the business.

Blended Learning

Blended learning uses a modular approach. Each Module uses self-study units, focused exercises, groups tutorials and learning on the job. Everything is done online so there is no requirement to travel.

In the typical model a single topic is considered over a two-week period. Managers learn the concepts via online video and workbooks any time which suits them best. Managers then consider how to apply the concepts and then join a live group tutorial for 90 minutes. The self-study focuses on understanding the concepts; the tutorial focuses on applying the concepts with real customers.

Tailoring and Customising

The core programs are available in a generic format. Larger companies generally prefer to have customised or bespoke material available via a dedicated web site. We can discuss options with you.

Consultants and tutorial leaders

The tutorials can be led by our team or by a preferred third party consultant or a company manager. We provide the coaching and tutorial materials for third part y and company managers.

Blended Learning Modular Suites – Content & Format Examples

Account Management Advanced Selling SkillsThe Strategic Key Account Growth PlanAccount Management Winning New Customers
Account Management Successful Account Growth

Blended Learning Examples – extract from the Module Identifying and Delivering Value

Workbook Extract ExampleLine Manager’s Module Example

Introducing Blended Learning – Explanation and Support Material

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