Kevin Wilson

Professor Kevin Wilson MBA PhD

Professor of Sales and Client Relationships

 KEDGE Business School, Bordeaux

Living in France, Dr Wilson is holder of the Chair of Sales and Client Relationships and Professor of Marketing at KEDGE Business School in Bordeaux. He is a researcher, writer and presenter with an international reputation in the field of Key/Strategic Account Management.

Kevin has spent the past fifteen years exploring the nature of strategic, national and global account management, in over 1200 companies and has in excess of 60 refereed and other publications to his credit He is the author of four books on the subject: Wilson KJ (1997) “A Problem Centred Approach to KAM” Nottingham University UK; Wilson KJ, Millman A, Croom S, and Weilbaker (2000) “Harnessing Global Potential” SAMA Chicago USA; and Wilson KJ and Spear N with Reese SJ (2002) “Successful Global Account Management” Kogan Page London UK., Diana Woodburn and Kevin Wilson (2014

Before moving to France, Kevin was for ten years a board member of SAMA (The Strategic Account Management Association based in Chicago), the CEO of the Sales Research Trust, a not for profit organization dedicated to the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the field of selling and sales management and the Editor of The Journal of Selling and Major Account Management. Kevin also held full time academic posts variously at Sheffield, Southampton and the Isle of Man Business Schools

Kevin is active in research and is at present exploring the nature and attributes of key account managers as Political-Entrepreneurs.


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